Jesus, I’m not religious

This was my first Motovlog and I try and set the scene or rather justify why I’m talking to myself and filming my ride at the same time. I still class myself as a born again biker as I don’t do enough to warrant calling myself a biker, yet.

My path to becoming a biker started with a Suzuki GS500 that I bought for £1000 and was to dip my toe in the water. I passed my test in 1990 while in basic training for the Army and hadn’t been on a bike since (25 years ago). For obvious reasons I didn’t want to buy the bike I actually wanted just in case I didn’t get on with two wheels.

The original video uses my real name but I’ve since changed my Vlog name to Edmund Ironside as I use my real name in blogs about the work I do.

Hope you enjoy the video and once the big yellow thing starts to come out more often I’ll be starting up the Vlogs again. Click below to subscribe for the next instalment.

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