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What’s Your Criminality Breaking Strain?

The world is a dangerous place especially for those on two wheels, roads are much safer when we all obey the rules of the road but under what circumstances do you rip up the rule book?... Read more

I Got A Sexy New Toy

I’m very lucky to have a large garage but it’s always full of shit and turning my bike around can be an issue, especially during the winter months when some of the stuff from the garden is stored away in there. I got myself a Dolly to see if that can provide a solution to […]... Read more

2017 – Bit Dusty

Back on the bike for 2017, I need to get out in the rain to clean some of the dust of my gear.  ... Read more

Born Again Bikers and Cornering

I go through my problem with corners and generally, my problems start when I start thinking about it too much. I have a very enquiring mind and always like to know exactly how things work.... Read more

Furry Bike Alarms

In these days of increased bike theft I have a very good deterrent for anyone thinking of trying to get at my bike, in fact I have two of them.... Read more

Jesus, I’m not religious

This was my first Motovlog and I try and set the scene or rather justify why I’m talking to myself and filming my ride at the same time. I still class myself as a born again biker as I don’t do enough to warrant calling myself a biker, yet.... Read more
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